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has been utilized by generations throughout history to better understand themselves, the world around them and their place within it. At its core, numerology is a way of interpreting or “decoding” your code and using it to guide decision-making and planning.
No matter
what kind of entrepreneur you are, numerology can offer unique insights that can help you unlock your full potential and propel your business to new heights. When you understand the essence of numerology and your code, it's easy to see its relevance to entrepreneurship.
Understanding your code
enables you to identify your inherent strengths, uncover your deepest motivations, and understand the path you're destined to follow.
In business
numerology and your code can be applied to various aspects. When combined with traditional business strategies, numerology can help you align your business decisions with your life's purpose. This not only enhances your decision-making abilities but also increases your chances of long-term success by ensuring your business activities resonate with your life path and purpose.

From choosing the right dates for important meetings or product launches, determining the most harmonious partnerships, to even selecting the best name for your brand — numerology provides a deeper level of insight that can set you apart from your competitors.
Numbers work, I’ve
tested it myself.
Numerology isn't some magic or fortune telling
its formulas and methods have been tested for thousands of years and by generations. If you're an entrepreneur seeking a deeper understanding of your purpose and the path to success, numerology could be the key you've been looking for. I'm here to guide you on this journey. Join me, and let's discover the power of numbers together.
Embarking on an entrepreneurial journey can feel like sailing into uncharted waters. It’s an adventure filled with challenges and obstacles, but also incredible opportunities for growth and success. It's a journey that requires determination, resilience, and a fair bit of trial and error. But what if there was a way to minimize the guesswork, and align your business with your personal purpose and life path for a smoother and faster route to success?
This is precisely where numerology and decoding your code comes into play.
Your Introduction to Numerology:
Our journey together begins with a 15-minute introductory call. During this session, I'll gather some key information — your full name and date of birth. With these essential details, I can calculate your code, a blueprint of your life's path. We will also discuss the specific questions or challenges you face in your entrepreneurial journey and life in general.
Your Deep Dive into Numerology:
Following the introductory call, we'll arrange an hour-long Zoom session, where we interpret your numerical chart/ I call it “decoding your code” in depth. This is where the magic really happens. We'll discuss specific questions or challenges you face, your life path, your purpose, and how they directly influence your entrepreneurial aspirations and capabilities.
By understanding your code, you gain:
Focused Decision-Making:

No more shooting in the dark. With the insights from your code, you can make decisions in your business with greater confidence and precision.
Efficient Path to Success:

When your business is aligned with your life path, your journey becomes significantly smoother. You'll find that opportunities align more naturally, reducing the friction often encountered in business endeavors.
Harmonious Entrepreneurship:

When your business activities are in harmony with your life path, work becomes less of a grind and more of a fulfilling pursuit.
Faster Results:

Knowing your purpose and how it intertwines with your entrepreneurial ambitions can accelerate your journey, allowing you to achieve your goals quicker than you ever imagined.
Using numerology for business isn't about magic or fortune telling. It's about understanding your inherent strengths, weaknesses, and motivations, then leveraging them to succeed in your entrepreneurial journey. This powerful knowledge is the key to navigating the challenges of entrepreneurship with ease and confidence.
So, are you ready to fast-track your path to entrepreneurial success with the power of numerology? Let's set sail on this journey together. Numbers work, I’ve tested it myself.
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Your Character
Character Sector stands for your inner core, willpower, ambition, self-confidence, the ability to implement ideas. The amount of numbers in this sector also determines the level of your manifestation.
Empty sector embodies a weak-willed softling.

It doesn’t mean that you’re a freeloader that don’t do a stitch of work and are bad at decision-making. However, it will be much more challenging for you than that for those that have this sector loaded. Besides, this situation can be saved by the presence of eights in the matrix: due to their transition it is possible to strengthen the character.
1 – Contradictory character: these people are stubborn and strive to take leadership positions, but lack the strength to do so.

Often such people aspire to be leaders and spend energy to create such an image, but in fact they are often indecisive and soft. When reality does not meet their own expectations, they can fall into despair.

Sometimes men with such a character can be rude. To be a leader and to seem to be one is not the same.

It is important to realize that the less 1’s you have in the matrix, the less ambition you have.

If a child has a 1 in the cell, parents can help them decide on goals and support them so they don't put off realizing those goals.
11 – A person with this character is genial and courteous, and therefore gets on with people quite easily .

The 11 person tends to hold central stage. Attention for you (praise, gratitude, noticed achievements) is the best reward. Sometimes it comes to the crunch and the person begins to demand constant confirmation of their merits. Also such a person tries to be helpful for people by pleasing them, listening and helping them.

Very often these people lack willpower, determination and self-confidence. They choose to become actors or something that brings publicity in order to receive the necessary recognition.

Women with this character is an ideal example of an oriental wife: although they have their own opinion and outlook on life, they are very pliable and always ready to adjust and adapt to the man.
111 – A person demonstrates leadership qualities, the ability to be a clean shot on goal and to stand their ground.

These people do not subjugate others, on the contrary, they are able to step back if needed and hear other opinions. Despite the external tolerance, they are flint inside and stick to their guns. Such people can not be pressured because they will immediately rebuff.

If you have such a character, you should not put pressure on yourself.

These are people of moods. They like to have arguments, can flare up sharply, and then endlessly love the whole world.

Often 111 is a sign of the artist. Through this profession, people realize their impermanence, abilities and the desire to be different.

When it comes to women, 111 usually indicates flightiness, especially when combined with energy.
1111 - A real leader with all the related qualities: perseverance, confidence, ability to lead.

An even number of 1’s allows such people to be good bosses and managers. They are able to listen to other people's opinions and take care of their subordinates.

It is important for a woman with 1111 to lead at work, not at home. Otherwise, family idyll is impossible. It is possible to manifest her leadership qualities at work, and try to avoid it at home. But it can be demonstrated in a relationship with your husband. Also a woman can go through a transformation after childbirth.

Only unwillingness (or laziness) can get in the way of a person with 1111. Such a person will not let themselves be humiliated, and at the same time it is difficult for them to obey others.

A person can have a “double armour” avoid talking about their problems, can cope with any difficulties, as there is an innate ambition.
11111 – bossy character.

If you do not pressure a person with 11111, they will harmoniously demonstrate leadership qualities. However, if you have disagreements, you are likely to encounter aggression.

Such a person has a despotic character. If 11111 is not smoothed by the Duty sector (eights), then the relationship with them taking in mind their desire for power will turn out to be a disaster.

It is best to seek laurels where it is not necessary to obey, e.g. in sports.

Women with 11111 can be manifested in hypercontrol of their family. On the other hand, such people are usually jacks of all trades.
111111 or more – The sector is overloaded. A person realizes the hunger for power within and tries to dissociate from it. One understands that they cannot jump to the level of power that they deserve.

The goals and ambitions of such people can be unreasonably exaggerated, e.g. plans for world domination.

Often the desire for power is manifested in pettiness, attempts to control every step in daily life, excessive suspicion.

In everyday life this person may be suspicious. They live their ideals and, having fallen under the influence, are ready to go to great lengths.

Sometimes they become the power behind the throne – while outwardly far from power, they actually hold it in their hands using others, controlling and managing from afar.

111111 – a sign of a career person. Such people can keep a straight face, but emotions are actually running high inside.

1111111 – people with this character are usually jealous lovers.

11111111 – people with high self-esteem, inborn commanders. However, because of high self-esteem they can acquire negative karma.They can achieve goals if there is enough energy for this, but it is important not to go into too high conceit.
Decode Your Code
When I do decodings, I use your date of birth to calculate your CODE. Your CODE is an insightful numerological tool that illuminates the roadmap of your life, your strengths, talents, your purpose. It's more than just a set of numbers; it's your personal code guiding you towards your true destiny. It is an extraordinary tool for those in business and individuals seeking a deeper understanding of their inner selves.
Imagine having a compass that always points you in the right direction.
It highlights your strengths, exposes your vulnerabilities, and reveals the core of who you are. Whether you're navigating the high seas of business or the journey of self-discovery, the code serves as your North Star, guiding you towards your ultimate purpose and potential.
Benefits of Decoding Your Code:
Personal Growth:

This tool will not only illuminate your life path but also help you understand your intrinsic strengths and weaknesses, paving the way for personal development.
Unlock Your Potential:

By decoding your matrix, you'll unlock a deeper understanding of yourself, aligning your entrepreneurial journey with your innate strengths and propensities.
Unlock Your Potential:

By decoding your matrix, you'll unlock a deeper understanding of yourself, aligning your entrepreneurial journey with your innate strengths and propensities.
Decoding your code is like finding a key to your subconscious mind. It's a powerful, insightful tool that can bring clarity, direction, and purpose to your life and your business. If you're ready to reveal the mysteries of your code, order a full decoding today and unlock the power within. Your journey to self-discovery and business success awaits.
About Me
Hello and welcome
I'm Mike Navitsky, a seasoned e-commerce entrepreneur and a certified numerologist.
For many years, my journey was solely focused on entrepreneurship, specifically within the realm of e-commerce. As a digital entrepreneur, I was constantly pushing forward, always wanting more, embracing the hustle and bustle that comes with owning a business. The quest for growth was insatiable — more traffic, more conversions, more growth, more money, more of everything!
However, like many driven individuals, I neglected one crucial aspect in this quest for "more" — taking the time to understand and learn about myself. This realization sparked a transformation that has been nothing short of incredible.
I discovered numerology, an ancient science that uses numbers to reveal profound truths about individuals, their life paths, and their destinies. I was intrigued and fascinated by this wisdom, leading me to pursue a certification in numerology. The goal was not only to decode my life's path but also to help others unlock their own unique codes.
The insights I've gained into my untapped potential, the direction of my life path, and fresh perspectives on wealth, relationships, and beyond have been invaluable. This transformation has given me a deeper understanding of my destiny and myself as a whole.
Now, as a certified numerologist, I aim to extend these benefits to others. I've seen firsthand the wonders numerology can do — how it can align individuals with their life's purpose, how it can put you on the path that is truly meant for you. This alignment is crucial for personal growth and even professional success.
But my services are not limited to entrepreneurs alone. Even if you're not looking to start or grow a business, numerology can still provide valuable insights into your life path and potential. It's about understanding and embracing your authentic self, regardless of your professional aspirations.
For those of you who are on an entrepreneurial journey, I combine my e-commerce experience with my numerology knowledge. My unique approach involves using numerology to help you uncover your true potential, your strengths, and your life path. Together, we navigate the world of e-commerce, tailoring strategies that align with your life path and resonate with your personal values and goals. I believe in the synergy of personal growth and business development as a secret to true and sustained success.
Let's embark on this transformative journey of self-discovery, growth, 
and success together. Whether your focus is personal development, professional growth, or a blend of both, the possibilities are endless when we align your personal journey with your vision.